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Car Tint Variety

We Offer the Best Car Glass Tint Services in Dubai

Being the #1 car service provider in Dubai, we present a range of car glass tints including different material options and thickness availability with an affordable price range. Connect with our experts online for car tints, car AC repair, car detailing, or any car recovery service, and get help from our attentive members. We ensure our 24/7 online availability to provide quick responses.


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Car Glass Tint Variety

Get a range of car tint options for any car model at reasonable prices.

Expert-Level Installation

We install the entire car glass tint with no chance of mistakes.


On-Time Services

Contact our experts to get our services within a decided time range in Dubai.

Why Does Your Car Need To Be Tinted?

Our company provides a variety of car window tints with different material options and offers flawless installation measures for them. Highlighting the question we usually get asked by our customers, all the automobile tint benefits below are mentioned to clear your queries.


Complete Protection

Car window tints are designed to provide protection against sun rays and harmful UV radiations by reflecting or absorbing them.


100% Privacy

Our car glass tints add proper privacy by creating a vision gap between the inside and outside environment.


Outside Factors

These tints are designed to block the glare from the sun so the driver won’t get distracted.


Adds Durability

By blocking outside factors, car glass tints keep the car interior safe from getting damaged or faded.


Prevent Engine Overheat

Reflecting outside heat makes these tints more efficient because overheating inside the car can create troubles for the engine.

Handle Broken Glass

In case of any accidents, these tints help keep the broken glass in its place so you don’t get hurt.

Top-Quality | Affordability

We Ensure A1 Car Window Tint Quality

Being the best car services provider, we present different material options for car window tints including carbon, dyed, hybrid, and ceramic tints. Our team ensures 100% quality services at reasonable rates. We are available to provide you with the required tint services for any car at your place for your convenience.

Best Quality Car Window Tinting Dubai



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Tell us the required tint material and thickness you want to add to your vehicle windows.

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Why Select Us?

Why Choose Us For Car Tinting Treatments in UAE?

Car Towing Service Dubai is a leading brand for car treatments, offering the best-quality car window tint options (carbon, dyed, metalized, ceramic, and hybrid) in the UAE.



We provide different thicknesses (measurements e.g. 2m, 3m, etc) for car window tints but only less or equivalent to 30% as per the UAE law. You can book our reasonable automobile tint services online with a request and get on-time treatments at your place in Dubai.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts are available to answer your queries related to car tinting Dubai so that you can get a clear view.

The tinted car windows offer privacy from the outside and protection from UV rays. It helps you to enjoy a peaceful drive with no disturbance. Also, our window films are designed to enhance the comfort of your car interior and the look of your car exterior.

Yes, a car window tint is legal in Dubai. The law of Dubai allows 30% tinted car windows. We deeply monitor the thickness of the film to avoid any legal issues. Get the best car tints in Dubai from our most reliable company.

Hire our experts to get cost-effective and top-notch tint services for your car. You can approach our experts online or send us a request for top-quality instant tinting services. Our team will be there with the required tool to tint your car windows anywhere in the UAE.

Yes, tinted windows can be removed carefully by our experts if needed. Attempting to remove tint yourself can damage the windows or leave an adhesive residue that is difficult to remove. Hire our team of professionals for the professional removal of window tinting.

Our professionally installed tinted car windows do not affect your visibility while driving. Our professionals can help you choose the right level of tint to achieve your desired look while maintaining optimal visibility and safety.

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