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Car Towing Service Dubai ensures 24/7 online availability so you can approach our experts for helpful consultations regarding car recovery services. You can pre-book our reliable services to get quick car recovery treatments at our site. Our official online platforms are created to skip your waiting hours and we now provide instant car services in Dubai and nearby areas (Sharjah, Mussafah, & Abu Dhabi).


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We offer attractive discounts on car glass repair services seasonally.


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Book our services online to get instant treatments on the go.


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We use modern tools and expert fixing methods for reliable working.

What Happens If You Don’t Book A Car Glass Repair Service?

The car’s front glass can get minor scratches daily if it is not treated well. So it is important to remedy the situation in a timely manner. Some major signals are mentioned below so you get to know what these cracks can do to your car.


Potential Hazards

These cracks can cause serious troubles, especially for drivers and passengers who are sitting in the car front.


Unclear Road View

Windscreen cracks create driving discomfort because the driver can not get a clear road view, so he/she can be at severe risk of an accident.

Entire Glass Damage

A minor car’s glass scratch can easily modify into a major one, and with a sudden break, it gets damaged entirely and will cause severe injuries.


Car Appearance

A broken or damaged car glass contributes to decreasing the car’s luxurious appearance, eventually decreasing its value.


Decreased Resale Value

You can not hide a windscreen scratch from your client; these minor scratches will definitely decrease the resale value of your car.


Legal Compliance

Driving with broken car glass is not legal in the UAE so it is necessary to get the damage treated ASAP.

Online Car Glass Repair Services

Our Team Offers The Most Seamless Windshield Replacement

It is seen that some customers connect with us to get our expert repair services for their vehicle’s damaged windscreen. But when we inspect the condition of the damage, we recommend glass replacement to avoid later-on hazards. Our experts always want your security first and recommend car recovery services accordingly.

Classic Windscreen Repair Service



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What Services Do We Provide?

Car Glass Repair

We offer expert repair services at affordable rates in Dubai for minor scratches or cracks on the car’s front glass.

Windshield Replacement

If your car has significant scratches that cannot be repaired or there is a chance for complete damage, we offer complete windshield replacement.

Flexible Booking Facility

Book an appointment with us to skip waiting time by sending an online request or calling our attentive team.

Online Consultation

Our experts recommend you the services accordingly after knowing the situation of the damage your car glass got.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Car Towing Service Dubai For Windscreen Repair?

Being a leading car recovery brand, Car Towing Service Dubai presents instant repair and replacement treatments for your car’s broken or damaged front glass.

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If you don’t get proper repair treatments on time, your broken car glass can cause serious hazards and discomfort for front-seat passengers and drivers. To protect yourself from troubles, we provide instant car glass repair treatments and windshield replacement at our shop. Hire our expert mechanics for reliable and reasonable services in Dubai.


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Our team ensures 24/7 availability for car glass repair and replacement services in Dubai and its nearby areas. Some reviews from our customers regarding our exceptional car glass services are mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has been observed that people have concerns regarding car recovery and towing services in Dubai. We are available to address your queries.

Yes, we offer our services all over the UAE. If your windshield is badly damaged and can not be repaired, you can instantly get our windscreen replacement or repair services anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Being the leading auto glass shop in Dubai, we also deal with online and home-based auto glass repair services.

You can book an appointment online with our experts by providing details like name, contact number, and car model. Our team will further guide you about the estimated time and cost. You can get our windscreen repair services at your location.

If your windscreen is slightly damaged, you don’t need to replace your windshield. If it’s badly damaged, we will install a brand-new windscreen for your car at discounted prices.

Yes, washing your car after getting a windshield repair is safe. However, it’s important to wait one or two hours to allow the adhesive used in the repair process to fully cure. Using a soft cloth is also important to avoid damaging the repair.

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